Thursday, November 16, 2006

getting started

Choosing a doctor, hospital, clinic or midwife who is supportive of breastfeeding is important. As Dr Jack Newman points out, they all say they are supportive, but his article tells you what to look out for. The challenge for mothers like you in Japan is to find somewhere that truly values breastfeeding, does not separate mothers and babies after birth, and does not suggest bottles of glucose water or infant formula as a quick fix at the first sign of a breastfeeding problem. Discuss breastfeeding and hospital policies with your caregiver during pregnancy, and find out if they are willing to be flexible, and perhaps "bend the rules" for you. Asking the tricky questions now might save a lot of heartache later.

This list of 10 questions for all pregnant mothers is very useful, so you have some idea about the right questions to ask about your birth and breastfeeding!

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