Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spend 30 seconds...

Please spend 30 seconds today to help the Mothers Milk Bank of New England.

There is an online competition at a site called IdeaBlob. The contest allows anyone to post a business or non-profit idea and compete for $10,000, given away each month.

Money is needed for the startup of the Mothers Milk Bank of New England.
The Milk Bank needs money for 1) processing and storage equipment, 2) a "Milk Money" fund to help families whose insurance won't cover processing fees, and 3) marketing materials to get the word out about the new bank.

So, here's our chance to make a big difference today. Here's what to do:

* Go to the
Milk Bank page on IdeaBlob, and vote for this project! You have to register first and confirm by email, which doesn't take long.
* Blog or post about this wherever you can to help bring in more votes.

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