Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melamine and breastfeeding

From Dr Thomas Hale, author of Medications and mother's milk

"I've also been asked by a couple of mother about breastfeeding and
melamine. This is what I've replied.

No one knows the correct answer to this because here has been no
research done on melamine and breastfeeding. Thus all anyone can do is
give an educated guess. Research, however,shows consistently that even
in a polluted world, breastfeeding offers advantages that outweigh the
risk of ingesting possible contaminants. Indeed, the benefits of
breastfeeding may prove to be essential to compensate for and outweigh
the risks of toxic effects from the environment. In other words even
when small amounts of toxins get into the breast milk medical problems
are not found in the babies.

For example breastfeeding helps to diminish toxins bad effects. Here
are some facts:

Toxins increase the risk of developing some cancers. True, but the
evidence shows that breastfeeding babies have a lower risk of some
cancers than artificially fed babies.

Toxins may interfere with neurological function and learning abilities.
True, but the evidence shows that children who were breastfed do better
on neurological and intelligence tests than artificially fed children,
and the longer they are breastfed, the better they do.

Toxins may interfere with immunity. True, but the evidence shows that
infants who are breastfed have better and more mature immunity than
artificially fed infants, and that this better immunity carries on much
longer than the length of time the infant or child is breastfed.

I hope this puts your mind at ease and you can continue to enjoy your
breastfeeding relationship."

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