Monday, June 02, 2008

Ending breastfeeding

When should breastfeeding end?

Should it be dictated by the baby's age?
Should it be dictated by the baby's teeth?
Should it be decided by the baby's grandmother?
Should it be decided by your doctor?
Should it end because a particular book says to wean?
Should it end because a particular friend says to wean?

Who decides when a relationship ends?

Because that is what breastfeeding really is: a warm, loving, nurturing relationship between a mother and her baby. It is much more than just food. Listen to your baby and listen to your heart. If you are enjoying breastfeeding and if your baby is enjoying breastfeeding, there should be no rush to end it, least of all to satisfy outsiders.

Breastfeeding doesn't make you tired, it makes you release hormones that help you relax and do your job as a mother. It makes you stop and focus on your baby.

Breastfeeding doesn't tie you down, it makes you able to feed your baby anytime, anywhere. And it's a special thing that ONLY YOU can do for your baby.

Breastfeeding is what babies are supposed to do. Ask yourself if what you are doing right now is more important than nurturing your little baby? And if you weren't breastfeeding, what would you be doing with your baby right now? Sitting on the sofa cuddling? Lying on the bed stroking your baby's hair? Talking to your baby in your arms?

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